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Welcome to our Core Clearing Breathwork Coach Certificate Training. 

Core Clearing Breathwork is a revolutionary fast, and gentle way to help clients quickly and gently identify and dissolve the subconscious blocks that prevent us from living and enjoying life fully. We use a gentle flowing breath to dissolve stress, and anxiety, resolve relationship conflict and speed up healing.

You can gain credibility and confidence with our professional, internationally recognised Breathwork Coach Certificate (IICT Approved for professional indemnity insurance), presented live online by one of Australia's most established Breathwork Practitioners, Nicholas de Castella, who has over 30 years of full-time Breathwork experience. The training is hosted by a leading Australian Breathwork College that was founded in 1999. 

This training equips you to create a thriving Breathwork Practice and a life you love in service to others with Heart Centred Breathwork.

Facilitate 1:1 or in Group Breathwork sessions. In-person or online with people around the world. 

 • Quickly and gently facilitate profound healing and empowerment

 • Find fulfilment doing meaningful work you love.

 • Boost self-confidence and self-worth, helping others to heal and grow

 • Gain an International Recognised Certificate and Professional Indemnity Insurance

 • Enjoy Freedom and Flexibility. Generate a great income, work your hours

 • Make a difference: Bring more love into the world. 

The Program

Module 1. Heart Awakening - Self & Co-Regulation      

Jump Start with a $200 deposit - Self-paced 

Orientation Session 7:30pm Wednesday 17th January

Module 2. You Can Change Your Life (Personal Growth)    

Live Online 10-week small group coaching program      

Starts 7:30 pm Wednesday, 14 February, 2024

Module 3. Breathwork Skills Training    

Live online: Saturday & Sunday, 20 & 21 April, 2024

       + 4 follow on evenings


With a $200 Deposit you can Jump Start your Core Clearing Breathwork Training.

You'll gain instant access to this amazing offer…


Module 1. Heart Awakening Program - Jumpstart Self-Paced

Just put in a $200 Deposit today to Jump Start your Core Clearing Breathwork Training in 2024. 

You'll gain instant access to this amazing offer… 


Learn Self-Regulation & Co-Regulation Training.

Learn how to calm and centre yourself and hold space for others.

 1.  Head to Heart Audio Presentation

 2.  3 x Heart Centring Breathwork Meditations

         5, 10 and 20 minutes

3.  Keys to Emotional Mastery E-Book 

 PLUS Action Takers' Bonuses

- A 30-minute Clarity Session with Nicholas

- 6 x 1-minute Breathwork Meditations 

- Core Clearing Breathwork Meditation Recording 

- Access to our 11 Session Heart Centred Coaching Series 

- Access to 2023 by Design Workshop Program

     Create a heart-aligned vision for 8 key areas of your life

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$2700 = $200 + monthly  instalments of: 4 x $625 or 6 x $417) 

$2470 = $200 + $2270 balance in 1 month

Get started with a $200 deposit. 

Balance to be paid or instalments to commence in 1 month.

Places Limited to 30 students  - The Last Training Booked Out!

Upon registration, participants gain access to the training intellectual property. 

Fees are, therefore non-refundable but transferable to another start date. 

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    Deposit of $200 then 6 monthly payments of $4176x $417.00/mo

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$200 Deposit + Payments in 1 month: CCBC Module 1: January, Module 2: February (YCCYL) + Module 3 April (CCBC Skills) 2024$0

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